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Apexto Miner Pricelist For Bulk Order

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Brand Model Hashrate+Comsuption Price(USD)/T MOQ
Iceriver KS3M 6Th/s 3400W 15500 1piece
KS0 100Gh/s 100W $480 1piece
KS3L PSU Power Supply $190 1piece
Antminer S19Hydro 151.5T 1030.2 5pieces
S19XP Hydrp 257T 5782.5 5pieces
S19XP 141T  21.5W 2904.6 10pieces
S19j Pro+ 120T  27.5W 1560 10pieces
S19K (Preorder) 120T  23W  (Sep) 1764 10pieces
S19 pro 110T  29.5W 1320U 10pieces
S19Jpro 96/100T/104T 29.5W 11.7/11.9/12 10pieces
S19 82/86/90T 7.1/7.1/8.2U/T 10pieces
K7 58Th/s 2350U 5pieces
KA3 166Th/s 2750U (One week ) 5pieces
X5 212K 1350W 3250U(One week ) 2pcs
E9Pro 3580M 1950U 5pieces
3680M 2050U 5pieces
3780M 2150U 5pieces
L7 9050M 4090U 10pieces
9300M / 10pieces
9500M 4500U 5pieces
What's miner M50 118T 29W 1652 10pieces
M30s++ 104/106/108  31W 11.1/11.2/11.3U/T 10pieces
M30s+ 110/112T 11.4/11.5U/T 10pieces
Ibelink K3 70T  3300W 1150U 5pieces
GoldShell Mini doge II 335M/260W    420M/400W 450U 5pieces
KD Box II 5T  400W 260U 5pieces
KD Lite 16.2T 820U 5pieces
HS6 SE HNS 3.7T /SC 8.2T 1480U 5pieces
HS-Lite HNS  1360G/SC 2900G 780U 5pieces
LB-Lite 1620G 1450W 730U 5pieces
CK-Box II 2.1TT 400W 260U 5pieces
SC-Box II 900M 200W 380U 5pieces
Ipollo X1 300M 449U 5pieces
V1 Mini 280M 420U 5pieces
Jasminer X4-Q 1.04gh/s 370W 2250U 5pieces
X16-P 5.8Gh/s 1900W (Aug batch) 8400U 5pieces
X16-Q 1.95Gh/s 620W (Aug batch) 3120U 5pieces
Antminer L7 9050M 4290U 2pcs
Antminer L7 8800M / 2pcs
Antminer S19 86T 730U 2pcs
E9 Pro 3680M 2100U 2pcs
E9 Pro 3780M 2200U 2pcs



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