Immersion Cooling Kit B6 30kW with BD Dry Cooler for 6 Sets S19 Series Overclocking (EXW)

B6 is an immersion cooling case designed for professional mining. It can accommodate 6 Antminer S19. For different numbers of miners, B6 can be flexibly deployed.

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  • Outer size 1420(L)*620(W)*575(H) mm
  • Net weight 110kg
  • Total weight 230kg (with coolant and miners)
  • Input voltage 3-phase 350-480V 50/60Hz
  • Output voltage Single-phase 200-277V 50/60Hz
  • Cooling capacity 30kW@30°C
  • Power 400W
  • Operating temp -15°C ~ 40°C
  • Coolant volume 160L
  • Capacity 6 ASIC miners
  • External cooling Dry cooler/water cooling tower
  • Pipe diameter DN25
  • Inlet and outflow temperature 45/65°C

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1. High integration

Sensors, PDU, Network, and other facilities are all integrated inside the B6 tank.

2. Remote management

Support remote monitoring and control by FogHashing SaaS platform. IoT sensors have built-in logic to control automatically, to save the power of cooling and maintenance costs.

3. Responsive power consumption

Support the “Demand Response” program with fast and safe batch operation.



1. Designed for high-heat areas and water shortage areas. Standard water curtain, use water to assist heat dissipation under high-temperature conditions.

2. One B6D with one dry cooler, suitable for fast & easy deployment. For different numbers of miners, B6 can be flexibly deployed.

It supports single deployment and modular deployment, just like building blocks. eg. Support two-layer rack deployment to save deployment space.



1. The product you purchase includes an oil box and a dry cooler. This product is only supported to be sold as a package, as the dry cooler you may not be able to purchase a matching dry cooler on your own.

2. This product does not include shipping costs, please contact the salesperson to confirm the shipping costs before placing an order.



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