New Released DesiweMiner K9S 130 TH/s 4950W Stable Performance Asic Miner Cryptocurrency Bitcoin BCH BSV Mining Machine

The DesiweMiner K9S, it mines 130 TH/s on the SHA-256 algorithm and uses 4950W.

Minable coins



  • Crypto Algorithm SHA256
  • Hashrate, THash/s 130
  • Power Efficiency@25°C, J/THash 38 ±5%
  • Power On Wall @25°C, Watt 4950 ±5%
  • Internet Connection RJ45 Ethernet 100/1000M

Product Detail



DesiweMiner K9S is a powerful and efficient cryptocurrency mining device specifically designed for mining the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin. It is a product of DesiweMiner, a company known for high-quality mining equipment.

K9S miner is optimized for mining Bitcoin by using the latest mining technology and integrating advanced ASIC chips. It has a high hash rate, up to 130Th/s, which means that it can perform a large number of computations per second, thus speeding up mining and increasing the chance of finding new blocks. The K9S miner is equipped with several mining modules, each of which consists of a large number of ASIC chips. This allows miners to maximize their computational power and mine bitcoins more efficiently.

The miner is designed to ensure high stability and maximum uptime, making it a reliable choice for cryptocurrency miners. In addition, the K9S miner is equipped with an effective cooling system to control the temperature of the mining components and prevent overheating and potential damage.

It also has a user-friendly interface to easily configure and monitor the mining process. Due to the high power consumption, DesiweMiner K9S is usually installed in dedicated mining facilities. It requires a stable power supply and suitable cooling infrastructure to ensure optimal performance.

Overall, the DesiweMiner K9S aims to be a professional and efficient mining device that provides high performance and stability for Bitcoin mining operations.

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