Sepecially Designed DesiweMiner K10Ultra 170 TH/s 3485W for Miners Mining Bitcoin BCH BSV with SHA-256 algorithm

The DesiweMiner K10Ultra, it mines 170 TH/s on the SHA-256 algorithm and uses 3485W.


Minable coins



  • Crypto Algorithm SHA256
  • Normal Model
  • – Hashrate, THash/s 170
  • – Power Efficiency @25°C, J/THash 20.5 ±5%
  • – Power On Wall @25°C, Watt 3485 ±5%
  • SmartBoost
  • – Hashrate, THash/s 200
  • – Power Efficiency @25°C, J/THash 22.0 ±5%
  • – Power On Wall @25°C, Watt 4400 ±5%
  • Internet Connection RJ45 Ethernet 100/1000M
  • Display 0.96″OLED, 128*64

Product Detail



DesiweMiner K10Ultra is a cryptocurrency miner produced by Chinese manufacturer DesiweMiner. It is specifically designed for mining cryptocurrencies based on the SHA256 algorithm, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc. It is an efficient and energy-efficient, powerful cryptocurrency miner designed to bring maximum benefits to miners.

DesiweMiner K10Ultra employs advanced mining hardware to provide maximum mining performance and efficiency. It utilizes custom-designed ASIC chips in order to achieve the best hash rate. The machine is capable of providing hash rates up to 170TH/s, the power is 3485W, and the power consumption is 20.5J/Th, ensuring a faster and more efficient mining process. At the same time, K10Ultra miner can also enable intelligent boost mode, in this mode, the hash rate can reach 200Th/s, while the power is 4400W, and the power consumption is only 22J/Th, which can maximize the profits for miners.

A distinguishing feature of the DesiweMiner K10Ultra is its compact and lightweight design, making it easy to transport and suitable for both small-scale and large-scale mining operations. The machine also contains an effective cooling system to prevent overheating, ensuring its durability and longevity.

On the software side, the K10Ultra miner is equipped with a friendly user interface that allows miners to easily monitor and control their mining operations. It supports various mining methods, ensures compatibility with cryptocurrencies, and enables miners to switch between different currencies.

Overall, DesiweMiner K10Ultra is a powerful and efficient miner specifically tailored for cryptocurrency mining based on the SHA256 algorithm. It combines high-performance hardware, compact design, and user-friendly software to provide miners with the best mining experience and maximum benefits.

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