Oil Immersion Cooling Kit C2 12kW Home Office Mining for 2 Sets S19 Series Overclocking (EXW)

The C2 kit dissipates heat for the miner through a single loop of coolant and can accommodate two ASIC miners, so the price of use is more competitive. Streamlined design and optimized details make it easier to use and more reliable.

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  • Outer size 542(L)*460(W)*522(H) mm
  • Inner size 315(L)*423(W)*405(H) mm
  • Maximum Operating Load 12kW
  • Coolant volume 70L
  • Weight 29kg
  • Input voltage 200-240V 50/60Hz

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Immersion Mining Kit – C2 12kW cooling capacity + Adaptive adjustment

Energy-saving solutions for most usage environments At 35 °C, C2 can provide full 12kW cooling capacity.

Each miner has a cooling margin of 2kW to support sufficient overclocking.

Compared to Fog Hashing C1

Completely redesigned, more than 30 details re-engineered, user experience improved

Leakage Protection | Universal Wheels | Thermal Flow Optimization | Fluids Unloading Bolt | Higher Load


Application——Waste heat recovery scheme

C2 can meet your needs whether it is radiator, floor heating, domestic water, swimming pool. Heating while EARNING! This is a reference schematic and the actual situation should be considered when implementing it.



1. The product you purchase includes an oil box and a dry cooler. This product is only supported to be sold as a package, as the dry cooler you may not be able to purchase a matching dry cooler on your own.

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